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The library

The Collezione Maramotti Art Archive and Library hold a wealth of records, materials and publications related to the contemporary art collection, bearing witness to its history and identity.

Both are located on the ground floor; the archive preserves documentation, in both print and digital form, regarding the artists and works in the permanent collection, and the library holds books and catalogues. The latter also has important sections devoted to artist books, visual and concrete poetry, and avant-garde art magazines of the 1960s and ’70s.

The task of digitalization runs parallel to the process of updating the materials, in a dialogue among the archival documents, books and artworks that is aimed at maximizing the potential of these artistic resources through ongoing research. For this reason, both the Archive and Library are open by appointment to students, researchers and art lovers.

The greater portion of the Library is devoted to publications about artists in the collection and to contemporary art writing, including essays, monographs on artists, and catalogues from exhibitions, biennials and art fairs, alongside an extensive collection of artist books.

The Archive brings together all documentation regarding the artworks and artists in the collection from the 1960s to the present. It is constantly growing as materials about the projects and exhibitions presented at Collezione Maramotti since it opening in 2007 are added to the shelves, preserving them for future art historians.

Various initiatives have been organized over the years to showcase the library and archival resources, through exhibitions such as Il Corpo figurato (2015), Rehang: Archives (2019), Show Case (2021) and Studio Visit (2021-2022).

By systematically organizing materials related to artworks and artists, the Archive and Library aspire to offer an ever more valuable place for exploring new possibilities of research in the sphere of contemporary art.

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