Gianni Caravaggio


23 November 2008 - 22 february 2009

Scenario, Gianni Caravaggio's project, is composed of six pieces, four of which have never been exhibited before, and made specifically for the Maramotti Collection.
The exhibition is composed around the fascination surrounding the imagination of the beginning, taken as a constant possibility.
All the pieces become the protagonists of a Scenario of cosmogonic actions creating space and interrelated in different constellations capable of creating ever-changing scenarios. Each piece is inherently an “actuated form” which can still be actuated again.
As always in Caravaggio's work, its formal mutations are linked to the use of unexpected and obsolete materials engendering alchemical processes and sensory illusions playing on paradox.
The pieces presented in the project continue Caravaggio's theoretical thinking on the mystery of art creation, and the art gesture as generator of renewed relations with the work itself and its potential and constant re-definition.

The book with the same title, written by Federico Ferrari and Caravaggio, and published by Gli Ori develops the same lines. Fruit of the cooperation of the two authors, it will be released for the inauguration of the exhibition.

The book presents a text written by the philosopher Ferrari on art as the creation of a scenario which is never fully defined and whose boundaries are beyond measure.
In the scenario practice – as it is indeed practice – the matter is not the outlining of a new picture of time reality, the offering of a new representation of the present day, the shaping of a new leading figure, a new trend, not the invention of a new -ism. The scenario goes beyond every scene, it is not a datum, but the depiction of the possible: something is still possible at the very point of origin, which has not yet been lost, but is always present in every instant. The scenario is a never-ending origin.

Gianni Caravaggio (Rocca San Giovanni, Chieti, 1968). He lives and works in Milan and in Sindelfingen (Germany). In 2002 he received the Special Projects Prize from PS1 in the context of the Italian Studio Program and in 2005 was awarded the Castello di Rivoli Prize. He has had solo shows in Milan, Pesaro, Turin, Amsterdam and Tokyo, and has taken part in numerous national and international group shows.

Federico Ferrari (Milan, 1969). He teaches Philosophy of art and the Phenomenology of the contemporary arts at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, in Milan. In the last few years, his field of research has concentrated ever more on art theory and image criticism. His writings include: La pelle delle immagini [The Skin of the Image] (2003); Lo spazio critico [The Space of Criticism] (2004); Del contemporaneo [Concerning the Contemporary] (2007); Sub specie aeternitatis (2008).


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