Flavio de Marco


21 November 2010 - 27 February 2011

Flavio de Marco's artistic research has focussed on the experience of landscape through the language of painting.
Since 1999 his research has taken the form of the display of an operating system in a computer, as a model for a new way of looking at the horizon, in the flat and close look of the screen. The “windows” of the software, devoid of their original textual and iconic features, become images of empty frames and – once painted on the canvas – places to be looked at, but no longer usable landscapes. In 2007, on the occasion of the exhibition Souvenir Schifanoia, these windows opened for the first time on a core of images coming from the history of art and, two years later, in Portrait of a Collection, the paintings of an art collection became models for a return to landscape representation, where the interface of screen and classic landscape live together like two aspects of the same reflection.
The project for Collezione Maramotti consists of six large canvasses and 18 postcard-size canvasses on the theme of city views, specifically representing six cities where the artist has lived: Berlin, Bologna, Lecce, London, Milan, Rome. As a whole, the project intends presenting a further evolution in landscape painting, starting from a delayed experience: photographs of undergrounds and skylines from advertising boards (Berlin), maps and images from satellite navigation (London), sea views and tourists guides (Lecce), images from art history and chromatic abstractions (Milan), copies of paintings and monochromes (Bologna), brochures and touristic tours (Rome).

In the publication in two languages accompanying the exhibition, the project is enriched by the participation of Teho Teardo and Paolo Nori, who in their respective research areas (music for the former, and literature for the latter) developed their own visions of these cities, alongside that of the artist. The book -published by Silvana Editoriale- also includes a critical text by Adriana Polveroni.

Press-clipping selection

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