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Ever since the opening of the Collezione Maramotti, its permanent collection has been flanked by a systematic program of exhibitions and commissioned projects in the areas of the building which specifically function as venues for temporary events. The Collection looks ahead toward the future of art and sees it to be thoroughly continuous and consistent with the attention the Collection has always shown to the evolution of new artistic languages, especially in the area of painting and the critical investigation into the nature of the work of art.


Ritratto di donne
Alessandra Ariatti | Legami
Chantal Joffe | Moll

from 12 October 2014
Alessandra Ariatti and Chantal Joffe have focused their artistic research on portraiture, a figurative tradition which has been constantly part of Western art (but not solely) since the 15th century. The portraits by these two artists, very different from one another, are placed in a sort of mutual dialogue in the exhibit and they speak about women, who become active and passive subjects of the production of the paintings.

Jeannette Montgomery Barron | Scene. Photographs of the 1980's New York Art Scene
The exhibition will be extended up until 28 September 2014

Jason Dodge | A permanently open window
New artists' book
Jason Dodge’s practice attempts to give new life to objects, exploring their potential and provoking the viewer’s cognitive ability to imagine a corresponding narrative. Focusing on specific aspects of two works, A permanently open window and Changing the lights – From rose light to white light, from white light to rose light, by hand, over and over, Jason Dodge’s artist book is not merely a documentation of his works but, in the artist’s words, “a record of light changing over a day, in one case naturally and in one case manually.” The publication was conceived and designed to accompany Jason Dodge's permanent installation realized for the Collezione Maramotti, in Reggio Emilia – a permanently open window located in what was once the tower of a factory’s electrical power plant, an abandoned industrial space, now transformed into a commercial outlet – and contains selected images from both projects, as well as a text.
Jason Dodge, A permanently open window, Mousse Publishing, 2014
96 pages, English / Italian, 16x23 cm, ISBN 9788867491025, 20 €